Gujarat solar rooftop subsidy Scheme in 2020

Gujarat Rooftop Solar Plant aims to inspire people to green energy. According to this scheme, whoever collects the electricity generated through solar panels installed on their roofs will get a fixed amount. Under this scheme the state government had made special provision in its budget and has kept 35 crores to cover 20,000 beneficiaries for the year 2017-18
Gujarat solar rooftop subsidy Scheme in 2020

Subsidy under Rooftop Solar Plant Scheme 2020


Subsidy under Rooftop Solar Plant Scheme

State subsidy of 40% will be accessible for sun oriented housetop frameworks up to 3 kW; and 20 % for sunlight based roof frameworks past 3 kW up to 10 kW, introduced and dispatched by private customers. Any limit of sun powered housetop framework equivalent to or more prominent than 1 (one) kilowatt DC can be introduced regardless of the endorsed heap of the buyer; in any case, the endowment will be restricted to a greatest limit of 10 kW. 

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1. The government has fixed the price of planting 1KW Rooftop Solar Power Plant at Rs 69,000.
2. Under this scheme, the central government pays 20700 rupees for setting up 1KW Rooftop Solar Power Plant.
3. Also, the state government will also provide assistance of Rs 10,000 per kWh.
4. Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA) under Gujarat Rooftop Solar Plant will give subsidy check to the beneficiaries of the scheme.

Electricity bill will be zero, apply this system to your home

The project aims to fight climate change and motivate it to develop green energy.

How to Apply Subsidy under Rooftop Solar Plant

1. First of all you go to the web site
2. After this a page will open. In which click Apply for Rooftop Solar.
3. Online Application Form will open in front of you.
4. Fill this form carefully. Fill in the requested information carefully.

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Rooftop Solar Plant Scheme Application Forms

1. Download the application form for Rooftop Solar Plant Scheme from the link given below.
2. Application forms can also be obtained from DEGA's office in Gandhinagar.
3. Interested candidates can fill the application form and submit it to the Gujarat Energy Development Agency (DEGA) along with the application fee.

Registration fees of Rooftop Solar Plant Scheme
Waiving of GEDA registration fees of Rs. 1000 / - + service tax for the applicant of Residential Rooftop Solar PV System.

Rooftop Solar Plan Energy Mission

Under the Rooftop Solar Plan Energy Mission, the central government has set a target of generating 1 lakh MW of solar power by 2022. The state of Gujarat has set a target of generating 8,024 of which 3,200 MW will be grid-connected power Gujarat has an annual range of 5.82 kW / m2 / day. The state government has a total installed capacity of 1,300 MW, including captive and commercial solar power plants, but rooftop power accounts for only 30 MW. However, the state government is using its full potential to achieve the target on the given target.

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