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An associated arrangement of five of a similar shaded chip either up or down, across or askew on the playing surface.

How to Play SEQUENCES game in 2023 ?

NOTE: There are printed contributes the four corners of the game board. All players should utilize them like their shading marker chip is in the corner. When utilizing a corner, just four of your marker chips are expected to finish a Sequence. More than one player may utilize a similar corner as a component of a Sequence.


For 2 players or 2 groups: One player or group should score TWO SEQUENCES before their adversaries.

For 3 players or 3 groups: One player or group should score ONE SEQUENCE before their adversaries.


Spot the game board on a level surface with sufficient space around the game board for arrangement of the draw deck of cards, marker chips and disposes of for every player.

For 2 players or 2 groups: Team players should be equally isolated into two groups. Colleagues should substitute their actual situations with adversaries around the playing surface.

For 3 players or 3 groups: Team players should partition uniformly into three groups. Colleagues should substitute their actual positions each third player around the playing surface.

Players cut cards and most minimal card bargains – Aces are high. The seller should rearrange the cards and arrangement out similar number of cards to every player (see table beneath for appropriate number of cards to be managed). Be certain all individuals from a group utilize a similar shading marker chips.

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For 2 players 7 cards each

For 3 players 6 cards each

For 4 players 6 cards each

For 6 players 5 cards each

For 8 players 4 cards each

For 9 players 4 cards each

For 10 players 3 cards each

For 12 players 3 cards each



Starting with the player to one side of the seller and moving a clockwise way, every player chooses a card of their decision from their hand and places it face up on a dispose of heap (players should begin their own dispose of heap before them obvious to any remaining players) and afterward puts one of their marker chips on the coordinating card on the game load up. Each card is envisioned twice on the game board. Jacks don't show up on the game board. A player can play on both of the card spaces as long as it isn't now covered by another marker chip. When a marker chip has been played, it can't be eliminated by a rival aside from when utilizing a one-peered toward Jack as clarified underneath.

The Jacks

There are 8 Jacks in the card deck. The 4 Jacks with TWO EYES are wild. To play a two-looked at Jack, place it on your dispose of heap and spot one of your marker chips on any open space on the game board. The 4 jacks with ONE EYE are against wild. To play a one-looked at Jack, place it on your dispose of heap and eliminate one marker chip from the game board having a place with your adversary. That finishes your turn. You can't put one of your marker chips on that equivalent space during this turn. You can't eliminate a marker chip that is now important for a finished SEQUENCE. When a SEQUENCE is accomplished by a player or a group, it can't be broken. You may play both of the Jacks at whatever point they turn out best for your system, during your turn.

Dead Card

In the event that you grasp a card which doesn't have an open space on the game board in light of the fact that the two spaces speaking to that card are covered by a marker chip, you are holding a DEAD CARD and you may hand it over for another card. At the point when the ball is in your court, place the dead card on your dispose of heap, declare that you are turning in a Dead Card and take a substitution card (one card for every turn). You at that point continue to play your typical turn.

Loss of Card

Whenever you have proceeded and put your marker chip on the game board, you should take a card from the draw deck. On the off chance that you neglect to take a card before the following player takes an action AND takes his/her card, you lose the option to take a card and you should complete the game with less cards than different players – an impediment.

Table Talk

There should be no casual conversation or instructing colleagues. In the event that a partner says whatever makes an individual colleague aware of the way that they are going to accomplish something that they shouldn't, each individual from that group should relinquish one card of their decision from their hand putting it on their dispose of heap.

At the point when the draw deck gets drained during play, all dispose of heaps are rearranged together to make another draw deck.

Play proceeds a clockwise way until one player or group scores the necessary number of SEQUENCES, so, all things considered that player or group dominates the match. On the off chance that you are playing the game which requires two SEQUENCES to win, you may utilize any of the spaces from your first SEQUENCE as a component of your second.


Any number from 2 to 12 that is distinct by 2 or 3 can play (2,3,4,6,8,9,10, or 12). Up to 3 may play exclusively. In excess of 3 should be in groups. Close to 3 groups can play.


Game Board 50 Green Marker Chips 35 Red Marker Chips

104 Sequence Cards 50 Blue marker Chips

At the point when two players or groups are playing, utilize just blue and green marker chips. Red chips are utilized just when there is a third player or third group.

Joker cards are not utilized in the play of the Sequence game.
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